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VAWK & VAWKKIN F/W12 by Aljhon Lorenzana

Hard edge with modern glam was ubiquitous in Vawk’s collection for A/W 2012 playing with the theme of Futuristic Samurais. Dark coats were lined with slivers of silver fur running through the shoulders and side seams, while references to the traditional Japanese kimono were evident in the sleeves of dresses and sashes of the jackets. Colour was injected into the collection through looks such as the gold sequin strapless mini, contrasted with solid perpendicular lines to add a modern touch. The plum coloured dress was a bold statement along with a neckline and belt in shimmering gold laced with a touch more of the plum. Steep plunging V’s towards the waist created dramatic sensuality without being too vulgar, and the pseudo-tattoo embellishments were a hidden treasure beneath the blacks. The Vawk collection is truly for a confident woman, exuding power through details and strength through lines and cut.

Vawkkin, Vawk’s sister collection, also showed at Vancouver Fashion Week this season. Designed for the professional woman and more conservative than Vawk, the collection included looks that would be appropriate in transitioning from day to night, from weekday to weekend. Classic looks included a trench coat and the always elegant tweed in a pepper colour. Visual interest was added through a pop of colour, draped fabrics and modern lines. If the gold sequin dress isn’t for you then maybe the more conservative snake print dress with the large bow on the neckline just might be.

Sunny Fong and fellow Project Runway participants such as Evan Biddell and Stephen Wong of Greta Constantine are contributing in creating what is Canadian Fashion. We’re not just about the log cabin plaids anymore because the Great White North is making its mark on the International Fashion scene with chic and commendable


Images taken by Aljhon Lorenzana
Graphics by Amy Chima

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