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On Trend for Fall: Your Inner Darkness by Josh Monje

As fall 2012 approaches, it's time we take a look at a trend that will be in great affect this season. On the runways, we saw lots of black from Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, and even Versace! Bring out your inner darkness with the black Zara Studio Dress or wear the edgy Vero Moda studded collar chiffon blouse from Asos. Studs are also in for fall, a trend that is carrying on from summer. With a pair of black, studded Jeffrey Campbell Litas, you'll be stylish and edgy. So ditch your autumn colors and grab the blacks. This fall it's all about goth. 

1. Vero Moda studded collar chiffon blouse, 2. Alexander Wang Fall 2012 3. Proenza Schouler Fall 2012 4. Zara Studio Dress 5. Jeffrey Campbell studded Litas

Double Vision

You know that feeling when you’re at the Gelato shop and you can’t decide whether you want chocolate or vanilla? You’re brilliant solution is getting a scoop of each, best of both worlds. The fashion industry has caught on to this little secret too and designers everywhere are going bananas over high low hemlines. Displayed on jackets, dresses, tops, and skirts, this detail elevates a simple button up to a unique and eclectic piece. One of our favourite high low hemline adaptations is this gorgeous magenta skirt from It is the perfect way to introduce this trend to your summer wardrobe, and a good thing to have in your fashion arsenal too. Another great thing about this skirt is the versatility of it. Here we have put together two completely different looks, and both are going to turn heads.

Toughen Up Buttercup
Studs and edgy accessories accent the skirt perfectly, balancing out its femininity. Another obsession we have; feather earrings. It appears King Midas got to these feathers before us because they’re turned to gold, but hey- we don’t mind.
Celebrity inspiration for this look: Rihanna

Whimsical Girly
This look is building multiple trends into one mega-stylish outfit. Here we combine the oh-so-adored bird print, with a peter pan collar necklace, and the high low skirt. The blend of feminine pieces create a playful and girly look that is perfect for the summer time!
Celebrity inspiration for this look: Lauren Conrad

Motorcycle Boots

Here in Vancouver, rainy days are something we have gotten used to. Sloshing through puddles while keeping your feet from getting soaked is a talent that Vancouverites have picked up from these countless wet days. However, doing this in a stylish way, well that’s another story. For some reason, people seem to think that when it rains, you should wear your least appealing pair of shoes because you don’t want to get your nice ones wet. Attention all! There is a way to slosh through puddles, keep your feet dry, AND look stylish simultaneously. What I speak of is - the motorcycle boot. Casual, and sturdy (and bad ass!), this versatile boot will give your outfit that laid-back feel that we all strive for. Adorned with buckles, studs, and straps, there is guaranteed a pair of these bad boys that is sure to match your style.

1. Maison Martin Margiela Line 22
2. Maison Martin Margiela Moto Boot
3. Steve Madden
4. Emu Austrailia Leeton

Images from: Polyvore

Pretty in Print

Bold and graphic prints have climbed their way up the ranks the season and have made their appearance on tops, sweaters, bags, and blazers. All of these are easy enough to sport, but printed pants, well they are a tad more intimidating. Style setters all over the world have tried this bold new trend, making it look effortlessly cool and boho chic. Reality is, wearing printed pants really isn’t that hard! Think of the pants as the focal point of your outfit, the eye will go there first. You want to make sure you have a flattering pair, not something that bunches or pulls in the wrong places. You can pair the pants with a chunky sweater, crop top, blouse…the options are endless. Printed pants create so many new wardrobe options and are a perfect way to liven up your look as we head into spring!

Michael Michael Kors
Rag & Bone

Images From: Net-a-Porter,

Beauty Report: Mad over Mod!

Maybe it’s the back to school feeling, or  just because it`s September, but either way, there are always new beauty looks to try this time of year. Fall just does that to people, we always want to try something new! Well, this particular beauty trend isn't necessarily new, its been around since the 60s and has been re-invented for todays women. This trend  is  - Mod Makeup, the look that Twiggy was known for. You know, the doe eyes, the thick feathery  lashes, winged liner, and a neutral lip. This look has been spotted on the runways of Dolce & Gabanna, Gianfranco Frerré, and Marc Jacobs, while making a splash in the beauty industry ( MAC has named Mod makeup as one of their picks for Fall/Winter 2011 beauty trends).  The trick to pulling off this look is drawing attention to the eyes while keeping the rest of the face neutral.  Start with flawless foundation, peachy cheeks, and highlighter. Then add your liner (liquid for a bolder look) to your upper lash line, and line the bottom with pencil. Then, pile on the mascara ( make sure to avoid clumps). The look is really about thick, look-at-me lashes, and a nude lip.  I mean look at Twiggy( below) , you can't even look away...

 mod make up
Images from,,

Alexa Chung Does it Again...

The It-Girl herself does it again, producing a dreamy collection for Madewell's  Fall 2011 campaign.  We knew the style icon could do no less than incredible, and we were not disappointed.  Known for her urban cool meets preppy-chic style, Alexa makes anything look fabulous.  She has covered some major fall trends in this collection too, including a long sleeved lace top, a silky printed blouse, and a sweet collared sweater.  Moral of this article; we are head over heels for this collection and our dear Alexa Chung!

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