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perry ellis

Perry Ellis By: Sofia Husain

For women, summer means an endless supply of sun dresses, tank tops and strappy sandals-though men don’t have as much selection when it comes to their summer wardrobe, the Perry Ellis runway show at NY Fashion Week offered a healthy supply of options. Set against the background of a desert, the collection presented the image of a man who is cool, down to earth and stylish. A few male models showed off cable-knit sweaters, which younger guys should learn to embrace into their wardrobes. My personal favorite had to be the “summer suits”- I have always wondered how men don’t die of heat walking around in suits in the hot summer days. Keeping a slightly less-tailored look and made of breathable fabric (probably linen), the summer suits are a perfect alternative for the fashionable business man. Perhaps the one point of contention would be the capris for men- though many men would take one look and run the other way, only time will tell if this look will catch on in the North American market.

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