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Versace S/S 2012 By: Sofia Husain

When it comes to sexy, who can do it better than the Italians? The Versace show during Milan Fashion Week was filled with glitz, glamour and of course, bold sexy looks. With an illuminated runway to light the way, Donatella Versace created a collection highlighting cropped jackets, high waisted shorts/skirts and gorgeous gowns. Perhaps the most important feature of Versace’s new line is the stud detailing- creating a look that is edgy yet subtle, almost every piece included studs which are the new Versace trademark. The collection was the epitome of Italian glam and included a soft colour palette that comprised of white, lime green, yellow and pale blue. Almost every outfit that came down the runway showcased powerful feminine beauty, which almost felt empowering to watch. With Versace now collaborating with H&M for a collection to be sold in its stores, here’s hoping we can all get our hands on some Versace.

My top 3 looks:
  1. There’s nothing better than a lovely white summer dress- the gold studding instantly takes this dress from simple to sensational.
  2. The plunging neckline of this dress is tastefully done and creates a Greek goddess look with the ethereal pale blue colour.
  3. Though worn as a complete outfit on the runway, this look would actually work better with each piece worn separately. As long as you’re not afraid to stand out, the yellow gold-studded skirt would be a showstopper for a night out on the town.
To watch the runway show, see:

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Perry Ellis By: Sofia Husain

For women, summer means an endless supply of sun dresses, tank tops and strappy sandals-though men don’t have as much selection when it comes to their summer wardrobe, the Perry Ellis runway show at NY Fashion Week offered a healthy supply of options. Set against the background of a desert, the collection presented the image of a man who is cool, down to earth and stylish. A few male models showed off cable-knit sweaters, which younger guys should learn to embrace into their wardrobes. My personal favorite had to be the “summer suits”- I have always wondered how men don’t die of heat walking around in suits in the hot summer days. Keeping a slightly less-tailored look and made of breathable fabric (probably linen), the summer suits are a perfect alternative for the fashionable business man. Perhaps the one point of contention would be the capris for men- though many men would take one look and run the other way, only time will tell if this look will catch on in the North American market.

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Matthew Willamson's S/S 2012 By: Josh Monje

When I saw Matthew Willamson's S/S 2012 collectionI immediately knew that this collection was on point for spring. From the color to the exquisitely cut blouses, everything about this collection screams spring. Personally, I feel that Matthew Willamson's designs are more suitable for an older crowd. The pieces together are definitely something I can see the working girl in her mid twenties or the upper class, super fashionable mom wearing. However, when the pieces are paired with different clothing items and accessories there is no doubt that any woman could pull them off. Below I have included some of my favorite looks from the show. Enjoy! 
  1. I'm in love with the pattern used for this set. It's so elegant and chic and I feel that you can totally mix and match the shorts or the blouse with something else in your closet.
  2. Although I am not a fan of the pockets on the blouse I do think that the skirt is super elegant and is great for the working girl to wear to work. Mix it with a less distracting blouse and some killer heels and you're totally ready to go!
  3. If I could describe these two pieces in one word it would be: amazing. The blouse is so chic and so versatile. You can pair it with shorts as seen in the photo or a pair of jeans for a super casual look. I'm also a big fan of the shorts! Super cute and appropriate for just about any occasion. 
  4. I love how casual this top looks. It's definitely something you can wear on a lazy morning when you going to breakfast or just running errands around town. The shorts definitely say spring and as seen with many of the designers this season, bright colors are in. The shorts are fashionable; however, not as versatile as the shorts in look 3. 
Matthew Willamson
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2011 Emmy Awards Fashion By: Brittany Born

Glitz, glamour and light bulb flashes are all part of the Emmy Awards red carpet. The 2011 Emmy Awards, held on September 18th, beamed with brilliant stars dressed up in the most gorgeous of dresses and draped with sparkling jewels. Though of course there were a few bad looks, I am happy to say there were many more hits than misses!

Some of my favorite looks of the night included Nina Dobrev, Sofia Vergara, Cobie Smulders, Cat Deeley, Kerry Washington and Kaley Cuoco. Nina Dobrav definitely was one of the fashion fav’s of the night, with her stunning, red Donna Karan gown. The strapless number fit the Vampire Diaries actress to a tee, and hugged her curves in all the right places. Another top choice was Sofia Vergara in a beautiful coral, Vera Wang number. The one-shoulder dress looked amazing on the Columbian beauty and matched her vivacious personality perfectly. She rocked a pair of large chandelier type earrings to go along with wonderful gown. Cat Deeley also made jaws drop in the gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown, with metallic accents. Finally, to quickly sum up the other looks, Cobie Smulders wore a strikingly beautiful shade of turquoise on her lovely draped dress, Kerry Washington rocked a beaded red Zuhair Murad gown, and Kaley Cuoco looked downright adorable with her 50’s style Romona Keveza, black dress and lovely red satin peep toe pumps.  Overall, the looks of the night were dazzling and glamorous.

Unfortunately there are always a few misses on the red carpet, and the Emmy Awards were no different. One miss was Christina Hendricks in a plunging, light colored Johanna Johnson glimmering gown. Although the dress wasn’t too horrible itself, it was ill looking on Christina Hendricks for a few reasons. For one, the dress washed her out completely by matching her skin tone, yet making her bright red hair and lips stand out. Second, she always has to show her quite grand chest, yet it would be nice for once, to see her try to cover her chest up and let people focus more on her beautiful face. Two other looks that were misses included Dianna Argon from Glee, in a blue Rocksanda dress. Though the color was nice, the dress was too strong of a material to cover up so much skin, and it drowned out her lovely, small frame. The final miss was Taraji P. Henson’s Blumarine metallic dress. The spaghetti strapped dress was ill-fitting to her figure, and the odd pattern didn’t flow properly.

Overall, the Emmy Awards thankfully had a large number of beautiful looks, and I look forward to seeing more red carpet looks in upcoming awards seasons.

Best Dressed
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Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012 By: Brittany Born

blogEntryTopperNot afraid to mix different textures and patterns, Cynthia Rowley created a metallic masterpiece on the gold mirrored runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on September 9th. The collection had a gorgeous glow to it due to the beautiful gold accents, and had a feminine touch with the floral prints. There were deep necklines, glimmering fabrics, and hourglass shapes to create the essential feminine look for the line. Though the feel was very feminine, the pieces were quite modern yet basic, and ranged from blazers to dresses to leggings.

The main colors in the collection spanned from blues to greens, with silver and gold being the main accent colors. Although each look was stunning, my three favorite pieces were:
  1. The beautiful full skirted black dress and an intricate gold appliqué over it.
  2. A funky pair of white straight leg pants covered in a multi-colored metallic print. On top was a striking white blazer with black piping.
  3. Unique black, perforated leather skirt that had a sexy and rebellious look to it.
The looks of this collection were unique, fresh and vibrant. Gold was the gem of this collection, and each piece was different than the rest in a fun and youthful.
cynthia rowley page
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Charlotte Ronson By: Sofia Husain

Charlotte Ronson showcased her Spring/Summer 2012 line this past Saturday. A popular designer with the young Hollywood types, celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Whitney Port and Nicky Hilton were a few of the famous faces with front row seats. The collection itself was mish mash of denim patchwork, crochet tops, sheer skirts, vertical stripes, bohemian and floral prints- and that’s my attempt to summarize it into a few words. Though a few individual pieces caught my eye, the line itself lacked consistency. Ronson also chose to stick with a neutral color palette, except for a few pops of orange. To be fair, her Fall 2011 collection gave us a much stronger showing.  It 's only been two years since her NY Fashion Week debut so there is still plenty of time for this young designer to strengthen her craft.
To watch the show, check out:

charlotte ronson page
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Jeremy Scott Review By: Josh Monje

The ever so avant-garde Jeremy Scott never ceases to amaze me with his collections. Season after season I am continuously blown away, because of the amount of creativity that Jeremy posses as a designer. He gets his inspiration from some of the most basic or over looked things and in return produces pieces that are completely out of this world. For his S/S 2012 collection his inspiration was The Beverly Hillbillies. The eclectic collection featured pieces that would have you remembering old episodes you might have seen late at night of The Beverly Hillbillies or super chic farmers or even fabulous gold miners. Whatever the image painted in your mind may be, this collection is truly a prime example of why Jeremy Scott is one of the leading avant-garde designers that we have in fashion today. As usual I have posted some of my favorite looks from the show. Enjoy!

  1. This cactus patterned bathing suit makes me want to book a vacation to the desert stat! Exotic? Yes. But then again, Jeremy Scott does not design for the faint of heart! 
  2. This denim bandeau and skirt combination definitely makes me feel like I'm home on the prairie; however, it's a nice feeling. These two pieces can be mixed with a multitude of other pieces in your closet to create the perfect look!
  3. This take on a denim jumpsuit is refreshing. I love how it's off the shoulder and it just looks all around comfortable. By the way aren't the shoes amazing? 
  4. Calling all California girls! Any California girl that doesn't want this in their wardrobe should probably start questioning why they even live in California. 'Nuff said. 
  5. Only Jeremy Scott could make wearing a potato sack look as chic as this. If you're into taking risks or you just have an all around great sense of humor this dress is for you!
  6. Can anyone say Coachella? I have no doubt that I will be seeing this dress on a desert beauty when I head out to Indio for Coachella this year. Super cute, fashionable, and comfortable. 
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L.A.M.B. By: Josh Monje

This collection for L.A.M.B. really made me realize how much the line itself has grown. I no longer see it as something that another celebrity has simply put their name behind; but a well recognized fashion line. I am truly in love with every single piece from the Spring 2012 collection. The line is simple, casual, avant garde and colorful as we I have seen in the Nicole Miller S/S 2012 line amongst others. It is quite clear that bright reds and blues, olives, neon, and black and white (respectively) will be big this Spring 2012. As well as exotic prints. I'm almost certain that it was the hair that made me feel slightly reminiscent of the Jeremy Scott S/S 2010 show or the clothes; however, I was not a fan of the way the collection was shown. I prefer a regular runway show rather than a presentation. Below I have included some of my favorite looks from the show. Enjoy! 

  1. I love this bright, blue, red, green, and black blouse. It's really casual and you can pair it with some wedges and leather shorts on a spring day and you're totally ready to go. 
  2. This look is really great. I love how the exotic patterned blouse was paired with the olive colored shorts. The shorts are really timeless and you always want some shorts in your closet that will be in style season after seaon. 
  3. I love the sheer sweater. It's perfect for a weekend at the Hamptons or even Coachella, when you don't really want to put on anything bulky but you still want that extra something to keep you warm. The shorts are great as well, still very versatile. 
  4. You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit. Especially a black one! This piece is so beyond perfect and when you piece it with something as bright as the red clutch they used it really is the right amount of color. Not too much and not too boring. Perfect for a day out that turns into a night on the town! 

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Karl Lagerfeld Does it Again By: Ellen Stella Blair

The fall is approaching and as we all know, that is the fashion season. New collaborations, lines and designers. Well lucky for us, the legend himself launched the line on August 31st 2011, Karl Lagerfeld designs for Macy’s, in this collection you will find the most flawless and constructed pieces of clothing. The collection features about 45 different amazing pieces from the designer, affordable, chic, and stunning. The clothing ranges from $50- $170 and run will for six to eight weeks. (So hurry up and start shopping!) Since the collection was released just over week ago, the success of the line has been one of the best sales at Macy’s (we Fashionistas need this glamour). We can officially say, Karl Lagerfeld has done it again. The collection includes beautiful shorts, vests and let’s not forget the legendary faux fur coats. It’s available to 235 stores across the country, perfect for back to school, or work attire. Dress to impress, who else can accomplish that? Only Karl Lagerfeld.

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Nicole Miller By: Josh Monje

Inspired by bicycles, Nicole Miller's Spring 2012 collection was different, borderline rocker chic, and exotic to say the least. This season Nicole used an array of colors ranging from purple to red and baby blue, to neon orange and yellow. There were loose, slouchy blouses and interesting patterned skirts. There's just about something for everyone in this collection, regardless of the colors and patterns. Nicole is always on point when it comes to her collections and this one did not disappoint. Below I have included some of my favorite looks from the show. Enjoy!

  1. I fell in love with this zip-up hoodie the minute I saw it. The cut makes it comfortable while still looking chic because of the grey, red, and baby blue color scheme used. 
  2. The reason this blouse is one of my favorites is because of it's versatility. It can be worn to the office or worn on a night on the town. Every woman needs a blouse like this in their closet. 
  3. This fluorescent purple blouse with zipper is so beautiful. It's bright without being obnoxious. 
  4. I chose this look because of the white jacket. It's simple, yet elegant and because it is cut in such a unique way women with different styles can wear this. Whether your a glam rocker or casual fashionista. 
  5. I love this take on the grey trench coat. The length is just right and the collar has that extra edge to it. The pink stripes are also a nice little detail.
  6. Although the pattern of this dress seems a bit crazy, it is beyond gorgeous. If you love color or you're just a risk taker this dress is a must have for you!

Nicole Miller Looks 1-6
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BCBG MAXAZRIA By: Sofia Husain

BCBGMAXAZRIA was one of the first shows to kick off the start of New York Fashion Week. Lead by the power couple of Max and Lubov Azria, BCBG is known for its sleek styles and its Spring 2012 RTW line is exactly that. Looking at the collection will no doubt leave you thinking about where you want to vacation next. Comprising of long, flowing dresses and tribal style patterns, the line is overwhelming geared towards the return of  hot summer days and nights. The collection is also color-friendly and showcases the popular color-blocking look into the spring season. 

Here are some of the looks I found most appealing:

Look #1:
This navy blue jumpsuit, with a v-neck and slit-style sleeves has a relaxed, easy fit so it should work for most body types. With any jumpsuit I would recommend sticking to darker tones, as a lighter color may make it look as if you are walking around in your pajamas…just sayin!

Look #2:
One of my favorite looks from the runway show, the mix of different colors is lovely and done so in a manner that still presents a polished look (not to mention, the front pocket is fab!). I also like the fact the waist band falls lower on the torso, allowing for an elongated, lean appearance which always helps. Once again using a v-neck cut, the light fabric (perhaps chiffon or silk) will keep any girl looking easy, breezy, beautiful this summer.

Look #3:
There is nothing better than taking a black dress and giving it a twist- with a few strategically placed pops of color (note the blue and yellow), this look lets the dress do the talking. The t-band neck design is unusual, yet captivating- when paired with accessories such as stud earrings or a chunky bracelet, I am loving this dress for a warm summer night out.

Look #4:
Many women have a love/hate relationship with the slip dress- usually sheer in nature, a slip dress is meant to be an easy garment to slip in and out of (think whatever you want here). This particular number from BCBG is generous with its fabric, and looks to be incredibly light if not weightless. I would suggest keeping this look for the beach or extremely hot, humid days. Even though the dress does not have a structured fit, the color blocking is well done with the orange mid-section purposefully placed to help conceal the hip/stomach area.

Look #5:
Is there any doubt what neckline to choose next spring/summer? It’s all about the v-neck baby (or at least according to BCBG). I love this dress, because it shows neon orange done right. The slit-style sleeves are also a nice change from halter tops or racer backs, providing a slightly more modest and demure appeal.

Look #6:
If you are planning on taking a Mexican vacation, this look can be your starting point for your holiday wardrobe.  The tribal prints are thankfully used in moderation and adds character to this one-shouldered dress. The teal color block on the hem again showcases how the right touch of color can take a look from basic to beautiful.

To watch a video of the BCBG Max Azria S/S 2012 show, see:

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Schedule

There is an excitement in the air.  The air is so saturated with the thoughts of this particular event, that it is almost tangible.  Outfits are being perfected down to the last detail, all must be perfect. Why? The world is watching, as New York Fashion Week begins…
Schedule for September 8th:

1) Nicholas K …. 9am
11) Porter Grey …. 9:30-10:30am
111) BCBGMAXAZRIA ….10am
1V) Richard Chai …. 11am
V) Supima …. 1pm
V1) Tadashi Shoji …. 2pm
V11) Candela …. 2:30-3:30pm

nyfw sept 8 schedule
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Label Love: Aminaka Wilmont

The dynamic design duo (Maki Aminaka LÖifvander and Marcus Wilmont) have been steadily paving their way through the fashion industry and putting a legacy behind their names.  Known for soft fabrics, artistic draping, and feminine silhouettes, how could we not fall in love with the London based fashion label? The AW11/12 collection is built  on a sophisticated black, white, and brown colour scheme,  and  re-invents falls rich and earthy palette.  The show stopping graphic prints and  drapey cuts make for the perfect after dark ensemble. Only the brave and bold can step out one of these exotic and edgy pieces.  Oh, and notice the over-the-knee socks and leather boots? Fall trend alert.
aminaka wilmont
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Beauty Report: Mad over Mod!

Maybe it’s the back to school feeling, or  just because it`s September, but either way, there are always new beauty looks to try this time of year. Fall just does that to people, we always want to try something new! Well, this particular beauty trend isn't necessarily new, its been around since the 60s and has been re-invented for todays women. This trend  is  - Mod Makeup, the look that Twiggy was known for. You know, the doe eyes, the thick feathery  lashes, winged liner, and a neutral lip. This look has been spotted on the runways of Dolce & Gabanna, Gianfranco Frerré, and Marc Jacobs, while making a splash in the beauty industry ( MAC has named Mod makeup as one of their picks for Fall/Winter 2011 beauty trends).  The trick to pulling off this look is drawing attention to the eyes while keeping the rest of the face neutral.  Start with flawless foundation, peachy cheeks, and highlighter. Then add your liner (liquid for a bolder look) to your upper lash line, and line the bottom with pencil. Then, pile on the mascara ( make sure to avoid clumps). The look is really about thick, look-at-me lashes, and a nude lip.  I mean look at Twiggy( below) , you can't even look away...

 mod make up
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