Your Daily Dose Of Style Caffeine
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They say to pick your poison, well I pick fashion. Because fashion is intoxicating, intriguing, exhilarating, inspiring, all while having the ability to change with the times. That is the beauty of fashion, and it is our goal to share it with the world.  We have lived in a world that has always been immersed in fashion, we live and breathe it. You reading this is proof of it, you are infected by the poison just as I am.  You are also part of something that I like to call the style era.

A new era of fashion (whether acknowledged or not) that emphasizes the importance of personal style.  Showing who you are through the way you present yourself. We aim to highlight certain aspects of the fashion world that will help you to develop your personal style, and inspire you. Such as trends, fashion news, photography, beauty, and our personal style favourites. This is the place where the voices of the fashion addicted come together to create an exciting online reading experience.